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Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan

I finally finished 2 of the routes of this VN after buying it for at least 3 years to count. 
I finished Harada and Toudou's routes for their seiyuu. Yusa Kouji and Yoshino Hiroyuki. 
The seiyuu for the rest are definitely not bad but not my favorite so I probably won't do anything until I run out of VN to play. 

Overall, this VN didn't leave me disappointed. 
The art is beautiful. 
I am not going to give a summary of the story. You can find plenty of them in other blogs. 
I am going to just give my comments. 

Harada Sanosuke: 
Voiced by Yusa Kouji. There's nothing I can complain about his voice acting. It's like saying Michael Jackson's songs sucks. 
Harada is our usual Mr nice big brother, who gives advices when Chizuru is troubled and always saying 'it is the duties of a man to protect the woman' 
When he fails to protect Chizuru, he was really upset and shun Chizuru, giving her the wrong message and she thought she should leave. 
The part that I like most is when he was discussing this dream with Shinpachi of Kondo san. (The same time when Kondo was executed.) It was really touching. 

Toudo Heisuke 
Voiced by Yoshino Hiroyuki.
Toudo is a really loud character and he would seem irritating at times. He's shouting half the time. 
He's like the little boy of the gang in term of size but still, he's a captain. 
He's the first to take the potion and turn into a reisatsu. Like the rage, he will go onto a body tearing lust when the cutting starts. However, he couldn't really handle what he turn into, calling himself a monster. Chizuru has to slap him in order for him to give up on his dying wish. 

Overall, the story is serious mixed with funny parts. I like VN with strong female leads like the one Kaeru Batake. Chizuru is like a in-between since she is rather innocent but not exactly weak since she doesn't wait for someone to save her. However, she is not trained in fighting so she still need someone to protect her and someone is always around to protect her. So it is really hard to say if she is weak or not. She's not annoying so it's a good thing.  

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