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15 October 2016 @ 01:32 pm

Blogging is no longer my thing but I must write about this book.

Sypnosis: Just as the name suggested, this novel is about a pawnshop and its goods surrounds the concept of 'time'. And by 'time', what is your understanding of the term? Is it a new watch you need so you will not be late and get butchered by your bossy girlfriend? Or was it this period of your life you spent with your late grandfather and the watch was all he ever talked about?
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18 April 2015 @ 12:58 pm
This is my first attempt as writing romance fanfic. I hope it works as fluff as no one dying is too difficult. I got inspired to write a sweet romance after seeing the Dancing All Night trailer. This trailer (according to my bff) is a fan gal trap.

Title: Waking up love
Series: Persona 4
Pairing: Souji/MCXYosuke
Warning: Some angst and minor character death.For general audience. Nothing explicit. It's just romance.
Summary: This is a rewrite of the scene of how Souji met Sayoko, Hirano and of course, I just want to put Yosuke into a hospital because I am sadistic. This time I am attempting fluff as after watching the trailer of Dancing All Night, my sadistic self choked on overdosed cuteness and needed rehabilitation. I felt like I just kicked a puppy when Yosuke showed that incredibly adorable face in the trailer. Namely this face.
Story is at Archive of our own. Link is here.
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28 September 2014 @ 02:20 pm
(Yami: I'm the one who made my descendants bear this curse but I do not regret it. If you ever felt stranded, just hate me and take a step forth. My children, step over my dead body and continue forward.)
This time I will be talking about Ore no Shikabane wo koete yuke 2 or OreShika 2 in short for PS Vita and compatible with the PS TV.
In direct translation, it means 'Over my dead body' literally.
Currently, there are only the Japanese and the Asian (Mandarin plus Korean) versions.
The English version is said to be out next year as Tainted Bloodlines.
Now onwards to the story and everything else.
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30 March 2014 @ 03:24 pm
It's high time that I revive this blog. First update of the year is my review of this game and first game for my ps Vita.


I love RPG games and hate it at the same time as most requires a lot of timed jumping which I just sucks terribly at it.
I just want to slam the console or controller on the floor when I have to attempt jumping more than 5 times onto a moving barrel or similiar shit.
This game, however, doesn't allow you to jump and it's like a saint from Heaven.
I have played it for 10 hours already and seriously after reading the walkthrough like a storybook, I estimated that I am around halfway done.
It's either I am slow or the game is a fairly big game. Probably the former. I like to slowly grind upwards.
Okay, onwards to the plot, play style and definitely my comments. Spoilers ahead.

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I love the simple one button smashing gameplay as I can't press combination very well. I can dodge fairly well but not attack by button synchronization.
I definitely love how I don't need to jump at all.
As for the plot, I like it. Nothing angst-y and I like fantasy story. I also like how I can change weapons and accessories like a fashion show.
In terms of graphic, it's more anime style. If you are looking for CG like Infamous second son, sorry, you got the wrong game.
For now, I feel that this might in fact be the second game I finish till the very end after Pokemon Emerald.
It's a good buy, costing me only $50+.
02 June 2013 @ 12:39 pm
Hakuouki SSL
Hakuouki SSL

This is not a joke.
This will be officially released (if it didn't get scraped). Please refer to the official site for more info but currently, the only info out are who are the characters and the spec only.
When I saw this 5 mins ago, I am really excited and will buy it the moment it's out as I really like the SSL drama cd.
I remember another blogger said this game must die when the second mini game version came out because the CG were just ridiculous.
I wonder if she still feels the same seeing this.
However, I am having mixed feeling too as Hijikata and Sanada will be teachers.
I personally need some convincing to accept a teacher-student love relationship

26 May 2013 @ 07:56 pm
Fubuki 03

Fubuki: It was a bit sweet. Can I do it again?
This is a otome R18 PC Visual novel game released by Mead in April 13.
If you haven't noticed the horns yet, I will just break it to you that this game is about ayakashi (demons).
The lead male character is this sliver haired oni on top, who is beautifully voiced by Nontan, which just makes it perfect for me. (Even though I don't play R18 otome games.)
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If anyone can tell me where I can get the game, I will really appreciate it. Haven't found a site selling it.
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12 May 2013 @ 03:35 pm
[AinoF] Hetalia The Beautiful World 02 [x264-AAC].mp4_snapshot_03.34_[2013.05.12_15.13.58]

After stopping this series for a long, long time (I didn't even watch the second series), I am back to watching it again.
I have to say the art style changed so much.

I mean just look at England on top and below.
The hair colour even changed. Iggy is such a bishounen now.
I first noticed it when I saw the latest manga of Hetalia and I commented to my friend that the drawing is so neat now and the lines are finer.
(I might be wrong since I can't draw and I'm not trained in this field)
It doesn't look like the first volume in which they are like done in 5 mins before the editor appear for the scripts.
I must say I like the new version, in which the eyebrow is not as thick.

24 March 2013 @ 11:52 am

Wow. It's been such a long time since I last updated or do any translation.
I feel bad.

Watched this movie yesterday and I have to say Dreamworks, you really do get it.
Following How to train your dragon, this one is another movie with epicness on its own crazy proportion. The colours!!
I love the animals.

I don't want to spoil anyone so I am not writing any summary this time.
I can only say it has a great storyline,
It doesn't skip any minute on developing romance and family bonding packed with humor.
As for animation, what can I say? It's Dreamworks, you won't be disappointed.

After watching so many animation by Dreamwork, I realize one thing.
I really think people in Dreamworks thinks the job as a 'Father' so badly undermined that they emphasize it so much every movie.
Love this movie. I hope you like it too.
25 November 2012 @ 12:51 am
Rise of the Guardians Official Trailer 2.mp4_snapshot_00.30_[2012.08.13_22.36.40]
Just watched this movie and oh boy, Jack Frost is good looking.
However, what attracts me most is his personality and his brains.
He's very sarcastic and he won't pass a single chance to tease the Easter Bunny.
Dreamswork did a fantastic job with the movie. It's beautiful.
The frost, the colour, the motion of the snow and sand are just astonishing.
I wouldn't mind spending another 11 bucks in the cinema for this.

As for the storyline, it seems a bit weaker compared to How to train your dragon in term of flow but nonetheless, it's still good. It just seems slightly rushed for some parts. At least, they did develop Jack's story enough to explain his anti-social behavior and the reason he was chosen.

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12 November 2012 @ 11:01 pm
Going with my mum to Hokkaido in Jan.
Oh my god.
We haven't go and she's already driving me nuts.
She's a fucking genius.

First of all, she's the one who chose Jan when I suggested Dec.
Dec is the school holiday period so usually, tours in this month are 95% confirmed.
She insisted Jan so i booked in Aug 2012 for our tour to depart in Jan 2013.
Now she turned around and said this 'Why did you choose Jan? Dec is better as it is the school holiday.'
I told myself I won't argue over this.

Then, one month later, she looked at the itinerary and said the following.
"this is a 7 day tour, right?'
'then how come we need one whole day to reach Japan? Japan is so far away like America?'
'see. the itinerary says departs on day 1 and reach Japan on day 2'
'if we depart at night we will reach on day 2 technically. it depends on what flight they manage to get from the airline. usually we should reach around 12pm on day 2'
'why japan need so many hours and taiwan doesn't?'
she went on to argue with me over the damn itinerary.

and 2 weeks ago, she wanted to buy winter clothes and when the staff ask for the temperature range.
my mum tells him it's minus 20-30 degrees.
we are not going to a ski resort or North Pole.
she doesn't listen when i told her the jacket size is too big. the holes will make it colder when the wind blows.
fine, whatever.
now she blames me that we didn't buy enough heat pads.
the trip is in FUCKING JAN.
we have a lot of time.

then, today, she pesters me on ground zero again.
'when will we know if the tour is confirmed?'
'not now. it's only Nov'
'then when?'
'2 weeks before departure'
'then what if it's not confirmed'
'also 2 weeks before'
'HUH? then what about the winter clothes? if the tour is not confirmed, the winter clothes are wasted.'

1 - she's the one who chose Jan and now she blames me if it is not confirmed.
2 - she was okay with the itinerary and now she's pecking at everything in it.
3 - she's the one who want to buy winter clothes so early and it's my fault again if they are wasted.

why can't she just shut up and let me know the coordination.
i don't need her to tell me when to do everything.
i have been to Japan 3 times through tour agency. I know how to plan for it.
i have worked in a tour agency for the Japan market.
i know how the whole fucking thing works.
stop pestering me.
Jan is seemingly not as popular as Dec but tour still gets confirmed.

my mum thinks she knows a lot but the truth, she's just a fool
19 October 2012 @ 10:41 pm
I think my current company is making its weekly report to make my cry every Friday and trash my Friday.

My company only has 4 persons who know Japanese. 3 in my department and 1 in another one.
They let one of my team go on a 2 weeks holiday, which I will not complain if I have to cover her.
Then, they also allow the other in another team go on a one week holiday.

All of a sudden, I was told I had to cover for both of them.
Fine. The best part is that the other one in another team happen to be a solo player that her group leader doesn't know her damn job as well and I (in another team) have to cover her job. So I had to fucking cover for 2 persons and I still have to finish my own job somehow.

That's still fine. I will eat it down.
The first week was still okay until the Friday came.
They also let the other person in the other department go on leave and I had the whole fucking company coming to me every hour asking me how to read this and that.
This is really too much. How can let 3 out of 4 persons take a break at the same time?
What about me? How do you expect me to do the job of 4?
On top of it, their fake sympathy and asking if I'm okay and I can always ask them for help?
The reason I am doing the job of 3 is because none of you fucking can help so just shut the fuck up.
It's just too much when it's Friday when everyone just go home to merryland while i have to labour for 3 persons.

After the first Friday, I told myself I'm just stupid to do the job for 3 when I am not even paid for it.
So I just do whatever I do as 1 person everyday and go home.
Wow. They throw another shit bomb on me today.
At 5.30pm, they suddenly tell me there's something urgent for me to do.
They said it's because they left the damn order forms around for a week and they can't leave it to the woman who's coming back on Monday to do. (Which is just bullshit. What difference does it make if I do the data entry today at5.30pm or that damn woman does it herself next monday morning?)
They told me at 5.30pm.
It takes another 10 min for someone to teach me and I'm expected to data entry 20 order forms like a champ?
Everyone left sharply at 6pm because it's TGIF.
Ha... i call its MGIFF. I was doing order entry in tears like my mum died.

Don't give me that bullshit that it's urgent.
You just want to cover up the shit that you can't manage people by letting 2 out of 3 persons in the team go on holiday with no one to cover them properly.
On top of it, forget the important stuff and afraid the even higher up find out.
Don't take me for a fool.
06 October 2012 @ 09:32 am
Playing this game on my phone and it just makes me laugh.
It tells me 'June' is not a word but 'Fa' is.
So now I am just playing it to see what are 'words' to this game which sort of piss my friend off as I wasn't even trying to win.
22 September 2012 @ 01:27 pm
I have just completed track 4 which also marks the end of the first arc.
No a big fan of Yusa being a seme but Rob is such an interesting chap that it's so fun translating this work.

Track 4
15 September 2012 @ 09:09 pm
As per request by xxxhyuuuhyuuu, I will be working on this one.
However, I am starting on track 4 as track 1 - 3 are already translated somewhere else.
If anyone knows that this is translated fully somewhere else, please let me know.
I will stop immediately and work on another CD; Koi made hyakurin (a story sort of related to Akunin wo nakaseru)
Either way, like what the title says: It's just a preview of this track, about 5 minute into the track or less.
I want to see everyone's reaction before I continue so I can tell which project to work on first.

09 September 2012 @ 10:29 pm
I am looking for some BL works that Kondo Takashi is in and found this, so I went ahead to read the manga first.
It's rather obvious who's the seme and the uke although all that happen now was a kissing scene.
I just want to say "i wish they switch'.
I would prefer the old gent to be the uke.